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Leadership and professional experience

Since our business challenges in companies and especially for executive managers are getting more and more complex and uncoupled from our natural environment it is worthwhile to reflect about “how you get all your demands in balance again”. For this purpose a consultant with more than 25 years of proven success and experience in the „Med-Tech / Diagnostics / LifeScience arena“– but young at heart - like me, can support medical companies, venture capital companies or executives in diverse positions in achieving their targets. My approach will give you the possibility of having your projects and lives well aligned.


  1. More than 25 years experiences as a SVP in leadership roles in Life Science as well as the Medical Diagnostics industry
  2. In the lead for accomplishing several M&As for Roche as a general manager
  3. Multinational experience and network: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Japan & China
  4. Heading international marketing departments for defining the right marketing mix
  5. Successful introduction campaigns for new products worldwide
  6. Reviving mature and commoditized product lines
  7. Store of knowledge concerning a broad range of disease areas – infectious diseases e.g. HIV, HPV & hospital acquired infections, cardiology, oncology and diabetes
  8. Understanding the challenges of both large and small companies or ventures
  9. Significant network across the industry in Europe, Asia and South Africa

Consultancy Options


Leadership coaching or Hi-potential mentoring

  • Coach people in leadership positions to their best performance level
  • Give senior leaders the support to get tough jobs and private demands in balance
  • Provide mentorship for high potential candidates who are either bound in challenging projects or are in Ex-Pat situations in a foreign environment

Build or Renew a Company Strategy

  • Analyze the status of a company in relation to competitiveness and employee satisfaction
  • Build a competitive value story and the evidence to support it
  • Develop proposals for organizational change and support the implementation process

Prepare a Business Case

  • Analyze competitive environment (customers and/or portfolio) and propose actions for new and better positioning or for checking the possiblity of a potantial investment
  • Support young start-up companies in a) tailoring their approach to go to market and/or b) finding appropriate venture capital companies for their fascinating technology
  • Prepare components of a company strategy or business case e.g. competitor map

Consultancy project examples

SHS Tübingen

Boston Consulting Group GmbH

Abingworth LPP

Roland Berger

Paul Hartmann AG

Capital Group Research

Novozyme Denmark

Altaris Capital Partners

Iconovo AB

AGIC Partners GmbH

HBM Partners GmbH

And more...


Customer Profiles

There are several options concerning which customer types I have served and which ones suit the best in my opinion, based on my experience in the industry. Therefore I hope you can find a matching point in one of the „company profiles“ described below. In case you are not 100% sure about the „fit“ just give me a call or write me an email.


Small companies / Start-Ups who do not yet have strong business development and/or sales & marketing teams on board Get early stage product marketing work e.g. business case or marketing strategy & planning done correctly. And Hold off on full time hiring of marketing staff until later in the development timeline. Investigate new markets where there is little in-house knowledge.
Larger companies who have work overflow or specific topics to be resolved Focus on key topics like supporting organizational change. Bridge gaps in marketing or sales management departments. Investigate new markets where there is little in-house knowledge.
Companies in the Biotech or MedTech field Have well validated market risk assessments prepared for investments of interest or a portfolio expansion.
Venture capital companies Consult before making investments into early or mid stage BioTech / MedTech companies – check strategic fit - as well as identify gaps for preparing a successfull investment pitch or plan.




For inquiries or requests that require a more personal response, we will make every attempt to respond within 48 hours. Or send an e-mail to info@drbfp-consulting.com or call me at +49 179 8017801


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